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Artist Statement

Janet Picard's recent oil paintings are inspired by the Vermont landscape, the dunes of Cape Cod, a fascination with color and the act of painting. Merging actual places with imagined visions we are transported into a fantastical world that is pulsating with energy and mystery.

Viewing these large paintings we become a part of the trees, rocks, foliage, flowers, and crevices that form places that are in a state of continual change and evolution. A spiritual reverence, a sense of exploration, and a melodic grace form moments already in transition.


Janet Picard is an artist currently living in southern Vermont. She has studied at the Art Institute of Boston, Union Institute & University and, also, in the Normandy region of France. Born in Taunton, Massachusetts, she has exhibited her work throughout New England in numerous solo and group shows. Her murals and public art installations are widely commissioned by hotels, restaurants, schools, and other public and private venues.

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